About Us

What started as a simple dream turned to reality for PR maven Ana Manansala, who put up Ana Manansala Marketing Consultancy Services (AMCS) to purposefully widen her horizon, from Public Relations to Marketing (Traditional and Digital), Events, Publishing and Video Production.

It was truly a metamorphosis she had long awaited to happen.

With more than 15 years of combined experience in Public Relations and Marketing, Ana Manansala gained a reputation in the industry as a no-nonsense customer-centric public relations practitioner. To her, there are no big or small projects because business size doesn’t matter; it is all about developing Agency-Client relationships that result to a deeper, more meaningful connection, association and correlation. Bottomline, it is all about providing the ultimate customer delight even when providing the most mundane of services


Establish an unparalleled client-centric Public Relations philosophy that transcends traditional norms of Client Service.


To consistently provide Clients the 4 C’s of service:

Collaboration, Creativity, Communications, and Customer Relations (Consistency in Delivery).

Our Services

AMCS is a full-service marketing and communications consultancy.

We at AMCS provides for our clients a broad selection of services and solutions for their promotional and crisis management needs.

We have a global footprint, working with clients from here in the Philiipines and countries around the world.